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All products are downloadable pdfs. You will receive an email after purchase to download your product. You will have 48 hours from purchase to download your pdf before the link expires.

Courses may not be repeated in the renewal period. All paperwork must be received and assessed prior to license expiration.

  • Cross Connection Control Course - $100.00

    8 Hrs. Credit

    Course (TX #1241)

    • Examples of Cross-Connection Rules and Regulations.
    • Conditions and Factors Affecting Backflow.
    • Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources.
    • Associated Risks and Health Hazards Related to Backflow.
    • Methods of Cross-Connection Control.
    • Cross-Connection Control Responsibility.
  • CSI OSHA Standards - $100.00

    8 Hrs. Credit

    Course (TX #1249)

    • Develop Safety Awareness.
    • Recognize a "Confined Space" Hazard.
    • Understand Electrical Safety.
    • Identify Traffic Hazards.
    • Establish Safe Lifting Procedures.
    • Importance of Ladder Safety.
    • Ability to Perform Emergency First Aid.
  • Backflow Prevention Course - $75.00

    4 Hrs. Credit

    Course (TX #1214)

    • Types of Cross-Connections.
    • Examples of Cross-Connections.
    • Hydraulic Principles.
    • Methods of Cross-Connection Control.
    • State and Federal Laws.
    • Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program.